I think I am going to change this image eventually.   I really love puppies so I wanted to incorporate this into my header image.  The only thing is, is that it is hard to edit two images and incorporate this puppy image without it looking a little off.  Pixlar does not have a tool that will allow me to make an image crop correctly to account for things such as dog fur.

I had trouble erasing at first.  I started to erase, but I was not completely satisfied with this.  Then I tried using the wand tool.  I did not know how to use this properly and tried to switch back to the eraser.  For some reason it did not allow me to use this tool after the wand.  I re-uploaded the image of the dog.  Then I figured out how to use the eraser and make the erasing area smaller so I can use that tool near the actual outline of the dog.  This is really the only trouble I had with editing the image on Pixlar.

I decided on the background to be a beach with love written in sand because I love the beach and the summer.  I think love is a powerful word and everyone should just love each other.