Editing audio

Podcast introduction


The two tracks I decided to mix is “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap and “How High” by The Charlatans.  I choose “How High” first.  I actually already made that into a ringtone before so I already cut it to a small section of the song that I liked.  I don’t remember what program I used for this.  I choose “Sweet Disposition” because I think the tone of the song went well with the first song I choose.  Once I watched the videos for Garageband, I found it really easy to mix the two tracks together.  I had trouble with the voice introduction part.  For my version of Garageband, every time I pressed record, it recorded over the track that it was in.  What I did is I uploaded a third track track and recorded the introduction to that song.

I had a lot of trouble uploading the track onto here.  I think I just wanted to get it done and did not think things through.  I misunderstood in class and thought I could just upload the file from Dropbox.  Then I realized that I couldn’t and tried to use Soundcloud.  The first time I uploaded it, something wasn’t working properly when I transferred it over to WordPress.  I think I kept trying to post it as a URL link.  Then I tried to copy and paste it into the visual field.  I realized afterwards that I should have tried to embed it into the text.  It was too late though.  I thought something was wrong with the audio when I uploaded it to Soundcloud so I tried to delete the file and re-upload it.  Then Soundcloud tagged it as violating copyright laws.  I tried altering it slightly and re-uploading it.  It still didn’t work.  I searched how to fix it and upload audio to WordPress and someone suggested Mixcloud.com.  I did this, but it still wasn’t embedding correctly or uploading correctly.  I think this audio file plays in some browsers. Otherwise, if you click the link, it will direct you to the website with the file.

Learning how to edit audio is useful.  For presentations purposes, it could make it better with an audio introduction.  It is also cool to learn it in order to make ringtones or custom alarms on your phones.