Group Process Reflection

I think our group reached a mile stone when we discussed the storyboard in class.  I believe that we reached a group consensus of what direction we wanted to go in terms of our video.  We decided that we want a more positive spin on the video and we did not want to just play the emotional and depressing perspective to the audience.  Instead, we decided that we want to inspire the audience.  We want to make a video of how inspiring these people with spinal cord injury can be and inspire the audience to help them achieve their goals and successes.

I think we also reached a milestone when we discussed the storyboard and how we wanted to actually achieve this perspective to the audience.  We made a plan to try and shoot and gather as much as we can outside of class so that we can start to compile and put videos together.  We want the audio to be uplifting.  We want the video to illustrate the successes that people have achieved with a spinal cord injury such as a marathon in a wheelchair.  We could use screen casting for this part.

I think we may run into trouble with shooting footage with a camera.  The sound will be difficult to capture in good quality.  I also think we may run into difficulty all meeting at the same time to shoot any footage.  I know that I personally have a really busy schedule the next few weeks, but I will make every effort to make myself available for my group to make a quality video.