Blogging Experience

I had a Xanga when I was in middle school, but that doesn’t really count since I was a little young and didn’t really do much with it before I stopped using the site.  I consider this to be my first blogging experience.  When we started building our blogs in class it was really easy.  I did not have any trouble at all.  Of course, when I went to go finish the building process and the assignment for this week, I came to a dead end when my blog was disabled for awhile there.  Good news! It’s up and running again as you can see.  Honestly, the assignment and how WordPress is set up makes the building process organized and easy to do.  It was just a matter of actually doing and personalizing it.

Since my blog was disabled for a little bit and there were a lot of blogs already made for this class, I went to go check out some of those before I continued to build this blog.  Originally, I was going to make it plain and simple with a solid color for a background.  As I looked at other people’s blogs, I noticed that there were some really detailed ones and some really bland ones.  I decided not to be boring.  My background and my header image might seem a little random, but I love puppies and cute things and I really like trippy colorful things too.  My header text is a quote that a really like and identify with a lot.  Generally, I try not to take things too seriously and I always try to be positive.

This image is from Google Images.

I like this image.  I thought about this image for the background, but I went with the one I did.  It’s almost like it’s smoke.

This image is from Google Images

I was going to choose this picture for the header image.  This cat is just really silly and happy.  I like dogs better though.

I don’t have a set agenda for what this blog will be about in relation to the assignments that will be given.  Given the choice of topics for future assignments, it will probably just be a mix of all the things I just mentioned above like cute, trippy, and positive things.

I hope you all enjoy.