Final Project Media

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Our idea and storyboard will be one about advocacy.  We decided to relate to the viewers first.  The first link is an image of someone walking up stairs.  Our idea is to show images and videos of people doing every day things such as walking upstairs, using a cell phone, and even a simple daily routine.  Then we want to transition the focus for the audiences on some facts about spinal cord injury and paralysis.  After this, we want to bring in some positive light and find videos and instances of successes and overcoming obstacles from people living with such a condition.  The middle link is of a video of a man living with spinal cord injury.  It tells his story of how he got his spinal cord injury.  Then he tells how he overcomes some obstacles and gives a realistic picture.  At the same time, he is very positive and he promotes a wheelchair race.  We could take the parts of about how he overcomes obstacles or parts about his rehabilitation.  This sort of sends the message to the audience that they do a lot to help themselves.  The next part would be to video a video or way to express to the audience that this is not enough and that everyone should be helping anyway they can.  The last link it to the song.  The song is called, “All A Dream.”  I think it has a nice melody to it.  We could possibly use this song for the beginning with the collages, photos and videos of relating to people and/or for the parts where there will be facts about spinal cord injury and paralysis.  It sort of has the emotions behind it that we could match the fact with this song and how those simply daily routines may not be as simple for some people.




2 thoughts on “Final Project Media

  1. The image you found is definitely something we can use to showcase an element of daily life that people take for granted. People do not often consider how different it is to have use of your legs and what sort of effect they have on their progressions throughout the day. The video you found was appropriate– we can definitely take clips from that and splice them into our project. In terms of the song, I enjoyed the melody of it, but we should be careful that it is not “too upbeat” at risk of deteriorating the message. Once we actually have the footage we would like to use, we can do a quick run-through of what song fits the best.

  2. Great post Melissa, I felt as though all three examples of media you presented within this post were of quality and reflected your clear effort. The image you found (of an able bodied individual walking up some stairs) can definitely be used in our video. I feel as though it exudes a positive vibe (or energy) as the individual walking up the stairs is headed into a bright light. However, I do worry that it may focus on the exact opposite of what our video wants to portray, in the sense that it centers around someone without a spinal cord injury.

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