Video Editing

Strategic Presentation video editing from Melissa Fang on Vimeo.

I started to look for videos on Vimeo and Youtube.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted this video to be about.  I feel like this blog has like a split personality.  There’s this really cute side with animals to it and then there is the trippy theme.   Since I have been running into a lot of issues with copyright laws and my content in general, I decided that I would just use some pictures and videos I took from my camera phone.  I had enough pictures from my new years eve celebration that I decided to make a video about that.  It also relates to my trippy theme a little bit.  There is a lot of bright color and lights.  Since one image and video with audio was not enough, I decided to use two of each to make it longer.  I had a much easier time uploading this than I did with the audio.  I think what took the longest is choosing what content I wanted in the video.  I also couldn’t find the scrolling credits for a while, but that was just me not looking carefully.  Other than that, it did not take me that long.  It was definitely a lot easier to make this video than the audio assignment.

I’ve had to make a few video presentations for my Human Resource Management courses.  I have used MovieMaker on the PC back in high school for a few projects.  I had never used IMovie for anything though.  I’m glad I did get a chance to do that.  This is definitely a useful skill.  I plan on working in business and/or human resources.  This could come in handy when I need to make professional presentations.


4 thoughts on “Video Editing

  1. I like the content of the video and the colors in it kind of matched your blog background so it was definitely congruent with your trippy side! The only critique I have is that I would have liked to see a smoother transition between the 2 pieces of video. Great job!

  2. I like the way your introduction and credit song also matched the content of your video. The video itself was cool, but I agree with Kia, I would have liked to see a video that played all the way through for 30 seconds rather than it cut into two smaller videos. Still a really good video, nice work!

  3. Your video was so fun and I thought it blended in very nicely. This concert seemed like it was so much fun! It definitely went along with your “trippy theme” and I like how you’re keeping a consistent pattern with your blogs and your theme to your page. I would have played the video a little longer, but all together it’ a great video. On a side note, I had trouble finding the credits too, I was on iMovie, and it took me a few minutes, but it was my first time using the program.

  4. Your video came out great, I really liked the content you used. I liked the text you used in the begging, since its opacity was not as intese It created a very nice flow with the image. I never used imove before, only final cut pro and I had no clue how to use it, props. You did a really good job with this!

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