Midterm Blog Design

It was hard to decide what I wanted my blog to be about.  The assignment was to pick something useful either professionally or personally.  I decided I wanted to do something about comfort and a whole blog about cheering people up such as cute animals and other cheerful stories or things.  As I started to make this blog, I decided that it would be more useful to make a professional blog.  This way, I can use this to demonstrate certain skills that I may be able to highlight in order to advance in a job.  As I sat down to think of what to put in the blog, I realized I would still have to come up with some sort of topic to write about to demonstrate the skills and a purely professional blog will be boring to design and maintain as well as to read.  This is how I came up with the idea to make a blog about the idea of positive thinking.  This is something that will be motivational and inspiring.  Furthermore this can still be plausible to use in a professional sense.  This topic is always compelling to me.  I love looking at really inspiring videos and stories.  And I love looking for the positive messages out of them and trying to apply it to my life.  I have found that these messages really do improve my life and would love to help as many people improve their lives.  When I got the idea, I wanted to pick a quote to put in the header to capture and sum up the messages all together.  It was really difficult to choose one.  I am not even sure if I want to keep the quote that is up there now.  I may want to change it later, but for now, I think this is fitting.  I did not want to take away from the messages from each post or video so I decided to keep the blog design itself simple.



I am awful at cooking, but love homemade food.  If I am to make food, I need it to be simple.  This blog is about simple food and recipes.  I like how the recipe is written out and demonstrated in the video.  I love Italian food and love bruschetta.  I would follow this blog to find recipes and make them when I am feeling inspired to cook my meals.  I like how the recipes are not going to cost a lot of money and time.  It is also very helpful that it is easy and user friendly because I definitely am no cook.



I like how Christine made her blog useful for the future.  I like how she has produced a radio show and has written reviews.  I thought the radio show was great.  I also thought the review of Spring Breakers was interesting.  I have not seen this movie yet.  I have considered watching this, but I am thinking twice about watching it now after this review.  It sounds like the movie, Project X.  That movie was also just about one big exaggerated party.  Personally, if I would rather go out and have fun than watch people do it if it is not a well made film.  I would come back to this blog to see other reviews.



I like the concept of food being a positive experience.  I agree with this philosophy.  I always try to have a positive outlook on everything and anything in life.  I like how this blog does that.  I also just love food in general.  I am no cook, but I can appreciate fine dining and all different kinds of foods.  I have never thought about food in such depth before.  I think this concept and this blog is very interesting.


I have been going to Atlantic City since elementary school.  My parents used to take my sister and I with them a lot.  I grew up knowing Atlantic City.  I have only been able to experience Atlantic City over the age of 21 once so far.  This blog is very useful to me.  I would love to know the experience of people my age in Atlantic City and their thoughts and reviews of their nights and the specific venues.  I would definitely consider this blog the next time I want to take a trip to Atlantic City.

Top 5 midterm blogs


I picked a lot of blogs concerning food.  I just love food.  My hometown is in North Jersey.  My friends and I always just go to the same places.  We like what we like and we do not like change.  We just don’t know where to go.  This blog would be useful to have an opinion of all different types of restaurants in the area that are great   It also has recipes for baking.  I would love to learn to bake desserts.  I love cupcakes.


Video Editing

Strategic Presentation video editing from Melissa Fang on Vimeo.

I started to look for videos on Vimeo and Youtube.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted this video to be about.  I feel like this blog has like a split personality.  There’s this really cute side with animals to it and then there is the trippy theme.   Since I have been running into a lot of issues with copyright laws and my content in general, I decided that I would just use some pictures and videos I took from my camera phone.  I had enough pictures from my new years eve celebration that I decided to make a video about that.  It also relates to my trippy theme a little bit.  There is a lot of bright color and lights.  Since one image and video with audio was not enough, I decided to use two of each to make it longer.  I had a much easier time uploading this than I did with the audio.  I think what took the longest is choosing what content I wanted in the video.  I also couldn’t find the scrolling credits for a while, but that was just me not looking carefully.  Other than that, it did not take me that long.  It was definitely a lot easier to make this video than the audio assignment.

I’ve had to make a few video presentations for my Human Resource Management courses.  I have used MovieMaker on the PC back in high school for a few projects.  I had never used IMovie for anything though.  I’m glad I did get a chance to do that.  This is definitely a useful skill.  I plan on working in business and/or human resources.  This could come in handy when I need to make professional presentations.

Editing audio

Podcast introduction


The two tracks I decided to mix is “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap and “How High” by The Charlatans.  I choose “How High” first.  I actually already made that into a ringtone before so I already cut it to a small section of the song that I liked.  I don’t remember what program I used for this.  I choose “Sweet Disposition” because I think the tone of the song went well with the first song I choose.  Once I watched the videos for Garageband, I found it really easy to mix the two tracks together.  I had trouble with the voice introduction part.  For my version of Garageband, every time I pressed record, it recorded over the track that it was in.  What I did is I uploaded a third track track and recorded the introduction to that song.

I had a lot of trouble uploading the track onto here.  I think I just wanted to get it done and did not think things through.  I misunderstood in class and thought I could just upload the file from Dropbox.  Then I realized that I couldn’t and tried to use Soundcloud.  The first time I uploaded it, something wasn’t working properly when I transferred it over to WordPress.  I think I kept trying to post it as a URL link.  Then I tried to copy and paste it into the visual field.  I realized afterwards that I should have tried to embed it into the text.  It was too late though.  I thought something was wrong with the audio when I uploaded it to Soundcloud so I tried to delete the file and re-upload it.  Then Soundcloud tagged it as violating copyright laws.  I tried altering it slightly and re-uploading it.  It still didn’t work.  I searched how to fix it and upload audio to WordPress and someone suggested Mixcloud.com.  I did this, but it still wasn’t embedding correctly or uploading correctly.  I think this audio file plays in some browsers. Otherwise, if you click the link, it will direct you to the website with the file.

Learning how to edit audio is useful.  For presentations purposes, it could make it better with an audio introduction.  It is also cool to learn it in order to make ringtones or custom alarms on your phones.